Off my soapbox

I am down off my soapbox from yesterday in case you were worried about getting another tongue lashing.

I admit that I have really bad taste in music. At least by my boyfriend's standards. The most recent CD I bought for myself was Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography. The saddest part being I really enjoy it. I mention this for two reasons. One I kind of freaked out when I sat down with my dinner to watch Newlyweds and The Ashlee Simpson Show last night on the Tivo and discovered that there was no episode of Ashlee on there. I didn't know last week was the last week! And next week is the last of Newlyweds! Now I have to wait until September to watch some more good MTV reality TV when Real World Philadelphia comes on! How sad is that?

The second reason is just that I have bad taste in music and that is the way I am. I don't like the "cool" bands. I don't even like to go to concerts. Music is just not a big thing for me. It never really has been. Sure I LIKE it but I probably have a total of 50 CDs, if even that. For Mike music is a BIG, HUGE thing. He has hundreds of CDs, loves to go to concerts and will just sit and listen to music. I only use music as background noise for other things, cleaning, doing mindless work, working out, riding the train, etc. The realization I came to while standing at the Cure concert, feeling cranky cause my feet hurt from standing, thirsty from the heat, and tired from the long day was that he feels about music the way I feel about horses. He really loves music. He is willing to put up with any bad thing (standing for like 3 hours) just to see his favorite band live. I am not when it comes to music, but I would and have put up with heat and bugs and snakes and blisters and cuts and kicks and bites (yes from a horse) and sore muscles and messed up shoulders and the possibility of death or severe injury just to be near or on a horse. I could ride horses for hours. Like he can sit and listen to music for hours.

Does everyone have something like that? Something that they wouldn't feel complete without, and I mean other than a person. What if everyone does but some people never find it? Or like me right now, they know what it is but they can't really afford to have it as much as they would like?

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