Why is it that the writer of every blog I read is a Democrat? Is there no such thing as a Republican on the internet? I don't really care about other people's politics but I hate how they assume that everyone around them is one as well, and not only that but hates Bush! I am not going to say which blogs I am talking about because it is every one that I read. Is it so abnormal to be a Republican at the age of 26? Just like the people on the streets in Center City who ask me every day "Would you like to help get Bush out of office?" I know they are just trying to get people to register to vote but is that really the best way? One of these days (maybe today since I am PMSing) I am going to tell them, "Hell NO! I would like to KEEP Bush in office! I am a registered Republican and I plan to vote that way! SO SHUT THE HECK UP!" Won't they be surprised! I am just here to tell you not everyone is a Democrat! Even when they are young and trying to rebel. I have ALWAYS been a Republican and I always will be. I am anti-abortion, anti-government assistance (except in the worst cases, and with those people working to get out of it), anti-high taxes, anti-sex in the oval office (thank you Bill Clinton), pro-gay marriage (I know that doesn't fit with the others in general but it can!), anti-bringing in cheap drugs from Canada, pro-animal research (with regulation) but I never try to force those opinions on others. Nor do I assume that everyone (or at this point ANYONE) shares them!

So the concert was pretty good if you like that sort of thing. Mike really enjoyed it so that is the really important part.

My head hurts and I am ready to punch just about anyone who gets in range. The only good thing about my day is how cute the new snowglobe Mike got me in New Orleans looks with all it's friends.

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