While I was working on my simulation this morning, writing down columns in Excel that I needed to add up I realized that there are a wealth of two letter pairings beginning with B that have meaning. Shall we list them?
BA - Bachelor of Arts
BB - those little guns that shoot pellets
BC - as in 2000 B.C the year
BE - be
BF - in the world of message boards boyfriend
BI - a sexual orientation
BJ - a sexual behavior
BK - Burger King
BM - bathroom behavior
BN - Barnes and Noble
BO - body odor
BP - blood pressure
BQ - barbeque
BS - bullshit or Bachelor of Science, hmm interesting!
BU - Boston University
BY - by
Did I miss any?

Using the new computer was fun last night but so far the wireless internet seems a bit tempermental. And I am not sure why. I suppose that might take some playing with. I seemed to have good signal strength on the couch downstairs but poor upstairs on the bed (in the same room with the router). But downstairs sometimes it would just stop working. I am not really sure how to fix that. This being the first time I have had a wireless connection. I checked with my second computer at those time and it still could connect to the internet so it wasn't a problem with my ISP. This is all so confusing! I guess I should get out the manual that came with the router and see what it says. I know things can interfere with the signal, like cordless phones and the like, though there aren't any in my apartment.

My roommate got a new car on Friday. She drove me down the street in it last night, very smooth! And it smells all like new car!

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