I am trying to reorganize my photos area. It is frustrating me a bit becuase I am not really sure how I want to change it. Maybe that will just take me some time. That is why I haven't been updating, I have been avoiding the whole thing. Silly huh?

My run went well this morning. I ran the whole thing again, 2.62 miles and I increased my pace a little. Since I started not taking a walking break I have gone from averaging 10:11/mile to 10:57/mile. Today I was closer to the 10:30s/mile so hopefully it won't be too long before I can do the whole thing at 10 min/mile. Once I can do that reasonably comfortably 3 days a week I am going to start doing speed work at least one day a week. Last night I went to the library in Exton and took out a book on improving your running speed.

As far as I know Mike has been working nights this week. So I haven't been able to talk to him much at all, no emails during the day and no before bed phone calls. That just sucks! I want my boyfriend back!

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