It makes me a loser that I stayed up later than I had planned last night balancing my checking account and paying my bills doesn't it? Especially when you couple that with the fact that I will likely go buy The Sims 2 tonight.

The photos area is now reorganized. And I added some pictures from around my birthday. Now I get to do the fun job of going back in my archives and correcting the links, as if anyone looks at my archives! I don't suppose I will do that this week though. Too lazy.

I feel kind of icky today. Headachey, bloated (I had soup for dinner last night and you know how high that is in sodium!), tired and just out of it in general. I don't know where this is coming from. Though the weather is blah today, drizzley. I am even dressed all frumpy today, I hate it when I have frumpy days. Where is my desire to wear Marc Jacobs peep-toed pumps, even if they hurt my feet? I am wearing FLATS today!

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