Hung Over

Do you ever think that maybe you can like your boyfriend too much? Mine is just so cute! Even when he is really hung over from going out to maybe 5 bars on Saturday night and not even going to bed until 6 am! I am getting really sick of having to leave every Sunday to go home.

There are a couple of pictures from Saturday night, probably more likely Sunday morning. We went into at least 5 bars, and almost went into another but they weren't happy with Jerry's ID. I only know the names of four of them though. We started out up in West Midtown near Mike's apartment at Bar Nine over on ninth. We left there after one or two drinks and ended up going way downtown, (ie long $12 cab ride) to Pianos, once again we only stayed there for a couple of drinks, then we went down the street and ended up in Living Room. After that we ended up going back up to close to where we started but on Eighth this time a Social which is a place I have been to before. All in all, a lot of traveling and a lot of drinking. We weren't feeling very well yesterday!

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