Good Weekend

We had a pretty good time this weekend. I took a lot of pictures. The Chocolate Exhibit really sucked. I wouldn't recommend going to that. It was really tiny. What was much better was the Titanic Exhibit.

They start by giving you a boarding pass with information about a real passenger. You can then travel through the exhibit pretending you are that person. At the end you can look up if "you" lived or died. The boarding pass I got was for Helen Bishop. It was a really great exhibit and it will be here in Philly until January 2005. Go see it!

Sunday we went to see Vanity Fair. I liked it. Though it was rather depressing.

Dad and I managed to fix my computer on Sunday. Though I am not sure how stable it is. I got all my files copied off of it and burned on to a CD using my work computer. I felt much better once I could balance my checking account again. That along with all the pages for this webpage are now stored on a 128MB thumbnail drive. I can always have them with me! But it doesn't really matter how stable the old computer is, because the new one leaves China today! I hope it gets here before I go up to NY this weekend.

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