Other excitement

With all this computer related excitement I forgot to share the work excitement. A new guy joined our group this week. It's weird but it's like I can already feel the dynamics of the group changing. But I suppose that shouldn't be surprising when you increase a group by 33%. Something has to change right?

Boy my butt is sore today. Which is odd, often my hamstrings get sore from exercise but not my gluteus maximus! But I managed to run through both stiffness from lifting and a headache this morning to complete 2.36 miles before I walked! At this rate by the end of next week I will be able to run my entire planned 2.5 miles. I guess it is time to start reading up on fartlek. (And no that is not passing gas while you run!)

Twelve more days! How am I to survive? It just doesn't seem real that I am getting a new computer!

Mom is coming down this weekend and I am really excited! We are going to do so much fun stuff! I will finally get to see the Betsy Ross House! Don't worry I will be sure to take lots of pictures! Because I am sure you are all dying to see it!

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