Laundromat Prayer

Last night during my drive to the laundromat I was saying a little "prayer" that I wouldn't have to be going there too many more times. It went something like this, "Please God let this be one of the last times I have to go to the f--king laundromat!" Then I thought, "Swearing in prayer probably doesn't go over well huh?" Yeah I am smart!

Anyway I am really excited for my trip now. But someone told the other manager here about some of my situation here yesterday while I was working from home and he called me into his office this morning. He said, "A little birdie told me you are not happy here?", "Who told you that?" I said with a laugh. Yeah so that was fun. I had to explain why the unhappiness exists, and why I didn't talk to him or someone else about fixing it before taking this step. I told him the truth, what else was I going to do? I even told him about the trip. I told him that after I got back I would sit down and talk with him again.

My other trip is getting settled too. I am scheduled to go to St.Louis for work from October 11th - 15th and 18th - 22nd. Fun! It won't really help with the other trip, or with getting to see Michael. It will also suck if I am trying to deal with deciding about the first trip while I am on the second. But I assume I will have a little window of time, a week or two before they let me know and a little time before I have to get back to them.

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