Mike is up in Montreal this weekend with the boys so I am stuck here in Malvern for the weekend. Once again I suppose I will go to the movies, though that is getting a little old. I was going to go for a run this morning but my right ankle felt a little off last night when I went to bed. So I am going to try to rest it today and see if it feels good enough for a long slow run tomorrow. I want to try and break the 3 mile mark! And I don't care if it takes me forever.

I am also going to work on research for my trip. Oh and I might help Margo with some shopping tomorrow. Though I am sure that will digress a little into me shopping for myself as well. As if I haven't spent enough on clothes already this week. I am a boring updater on weekends. I am boring on weekends, but that is okay with me!

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