The new computer came yesterday! YEAH! Not that I have had a chance to play with it yet. The FedEx lady was nice enough to bring my other package too that I couldn't pick up over the counter. Stupid thing was, there was no sticker on the computer. As if the virus software is somehow worth more than the computer? Dumb! But hey I have them both now. If only I had time to enjoy them!

Turns out Mike doesn't have to work tonight, and I am dying to see him since it has been three weeks since we went up to Massachusetts together, and a month since I have really had quality alone snuggling time with him. So sorry new computer but I am going to NY tonight! All morning that Leaving on A Jet Plane song "My bags are packed, I'm ready to go . . ." has been running around in my head though there are no jet planes involved in my travel plans!

Yesterday I was reading my sister's blog and she talked about her weekend with Dad. It's weird to hear her talk about being "daddy's girl", though it was true. Mom has told me many times how when I was born (~2 years and 2 months after Val) Val didn't mind sharing Mom with me, and even played along by giving her doll a bath while Mom was giving me one, but as soon as Dad came home, she was all over him! He was her daddy and he didn't really get to play with me. That doesn't really bother me, Dad and I are too much alike to get along really well! But it is weird how she feels like she isn't that anymore just because she has come out. Maybe not weird but sad. I don't think of her as any less my sister because of that, and it makes me sad that she thinks that Dad thinks of her as less of a daughter.

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