Keeping me busy

Boy is preparing for this trip keeping me busy! I am spending all my free time on the internet researching stuff and reading books to prepare. Tonight I get to pack! What makes it worse it that work has been really busy. I had a presentation to give yesterday and I am taking a trip for work to St.Louis next week. Hopefully I will actually get to go see Mike next weekend after I get back. Though we are supposed to go to St.Louis again within a couple of weeks. Though maybe things will change depending on the trip this week! Cross your fingers for me? I am starting to get really excited the more research I do, which also just makes me more and more nervous.
On the other hand running is going well despite the bit of a cold snap we are having. I managed to run my first mile in 9:30 this morning, I think that is my fastest ever. And I spent at least $50 last night at Target on some warmer running clothes! What am I going to do when it starts to snow?

If I can get on the internet this weekend, especially Friday night I will try and give a update about my trip! If not hopefully Saturday when I finally get home!

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