Getting Anxious

Still no news. I am going to call later today and see if I can get an update. I am getting rather anxious, though I know sometimes these things are really slow. Even if it is good news.
I got my tooth drilled this morning, did I mention I had a cavity? It didn't hurt too much though the novicane wearing off feels rather weird. Hopefully it won't hurt on the flight tonight, or any time ever again! I took some aleve before I even went over there just to be safe.

Mike and I had a boring weekend. He was feeling really sick so I just took care of him, and watched the final episodes of SATC. Finally I have seen it all. Next weekend I am going up again, especially if we can get out of St.Louis early this week. Which we might, we have done a bunch of stuff to try and streamline things for this go around.

Did I mention that other interesting work things happened on Friday? The other manager that was asking me about my happiness before my trip talked to me again on Friday, I told him the truth about the trip and the job, and he asked if they could switch the group I am in here would I be happy here (obviously assuming that CA was no longer an option) and I said yes. Turns out there is some pressure from upper management to re-org my current group, so the request for me to change groups wouldn't even have to come from me. It would be a perfect solution. Except for the fact that it gets me no closer to Mike. Though maybe I would look for an apartment here in the city. That would save time. Both on going to see him and on my commute to work. That would be nice.

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