There is one new picture of the trip to see the arch. In case you are interested. Work is going okay this week. My boss is out because his wife just had a baby on Friday (I hate it when people say men had babies, they didn't give birth to it!), so it is pretty quiet here. Plus about 75% of the Philadephia process group is out of the office until at least the end of the year. Now see this would be a perfect time for CA to call me and tell me they want me! There is no way my boss would be able to overhear that! But instead they continue to make me wait. GRR! I know it is only 7:30 AM there right now so they obviously wouldn't have called me yet today but still.

My whole body is sore today, I lifted last night for the first time in three weeks due to all that travel and my muscles are mad at me today. And I am really hungry! I think I am going to have to break out lunch early again. Speaking of lunch I am thinking of going shopping today at lunch. I haven't been able to do that in forever either. I think I might go over to Lord and Taylor, which is dangerous since Banana Republic is near there as well. Oh and I could do with a walk around in Williams and Sonoma too! I guess we know how I am distracting myself from the waiting this week, shopping. Poor credit cards! Poor bank account!

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