I already started!

Can you believe I started holiday shopping today? What kind of person does that make me? I went to the Hallmark store to pick up a Get Well Soon card for my Grandma, and I bought along with that an ornament each for Mom, Dad and Val. But I like to get them early, while the selection is still good!

The deal with my Grandma is that she went in for angioplasty and a stent yesterday, but they couldn't complete the procedure, there was too much blockage. She doesn't want to have bypass surgery (and who can blame her at 83!) so I guess it will have to be medication, diet and exercise. All this worries me though. I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like. It also worries me about my family in general, Grandpa had bypass surgery before I was born about 27 years ago, that has lasted a long time! And two of my uncles (2 of my Dad's 3 younger brothers) have had it as well. It makes me worried for Dad and for me and my sister. Though Dad is usually pretty healthy and we know I try to be, Val on the other hand! She has quit smoking, and hopefully soon she will start some type of exercise??

Speaking of diet and exercise, it is so good to be getting back to eating my normal food! Two weeks of eating out for every meal is far too much for me. I like to eat my healthy stuff everyday! I feel so much lighter and more focused. Though I feel really tired from lack of sleep. I spent an hour and a half last night digging out my winter clothes and packing away my summer clothes. And I didn't even get to the shoes! Tonight I am going to clean my bedroom, it really needs it!

Today I am even more sore, I didn't think that was possible. Even after 35 minutes of yoga last night to stretch out. My run was REALLY slow today, but at least I did it. And once the soreness goes away I can get back to working on my speed, hopefully!

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