Happy Halloween

The hiring manager finally returned my phone call from last Thursday, yesterday afternoon. She didn't have anything new to report though, still between me and one other person. She is having a hard time setting up a meeting with two of the interviewers, she hopes to get those done soon, and have a decision by the end of next week. Which would be lovely but I am not holding my breath.

Tonight I am going up to NY, to hang out alone (hopefully) in Mike's apartment. He has a new roommate, some guy who Ian is letting sublet the room downstairs. I am a little nervous about that since I have never met him and Mike can't even remember his name! Anyway I plan to do a little yoga, watch The O.C. First Season on DVD and bake cookies! Tomorrow morning while Mike is sleeping I want to clean his apartment and maybe do some pilates. Sounds like a lot of fun right? Tomorrow night we are going out to celebrate Mike's birthday and I am going to wear my

Marc Jacobs peep-toed pumps
! YEAH!! I don't care what else I wear as long as I get to wear those shoes! I don't plan to drink if I can avoid it, one there are TOO many calories and I am trying to be good about that leading up to the holidays and two I can't expect to walk drunk in 4 inch heels! Though the alcohol might distract me from the pain in my feet! We are going to start at his place at like 7pm and be out a while I guess, I hope I don't fall asleep at a bar! I also plan tomorrow to surprise Mike with coffee from Starbucks before he wakes up. Partly because I want another pumpkin scone for breakfast, and partly because I know he likes fancy coffee! Maybe I will get him a scone too!


I am on a little bit of a smiley binge, want to see my favorite ones?

And they are all about food, what does that tell you? That I am PMSing and wanting chocolate maybe!

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