St Louis

It might be a bit hard for me to update this week. Since I am in St.Louis for work. Though I can get internet access at the hotel for $9.95 a day! Actually there are three computers down in the lobby that have internet access for free. It is just a question of when I can write and then if I can use my Flash Drive to get the file onto those computers.

I was a lot more nervous about the whole thing this past weekend. Luckily right now I am really just too busy to think about it. Yeah right, I am obviously still thinking about it. I just can't worry about it too much. Not that there is anything I can do about it at this point. I printed out my thank you letters this morning, not on fancy paper and not with fancy envelopes but they will just have to forgive me that since I am traveling. And I have to hope that the hotel will really get them in the mail today since they already had stamps on them.

The flight here last night was fine, and the hotel is okay. I know I still owe pictures of the last trip but they are on my home computer, so I don't know when I will get to them. I don't know when I will really be home again. This weekend I am going up to NY to see Mike and then next week I might have to come back here. Yeah so don't hold your breathe about the pictures, though I will get to them. I promise, though maybe not until I find out the answer about last week! I am so dreading that. From either angle. It would be horrible to be turned down, but dealing with the consequences of accepting if they offer it, is not a great option either. Anyway hopefully one night here we will go see the arch. I will take pictures of that.

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