Yucky room

My hotel room is crap this week. We are staying in the same hotel but my room has a cracked sink, a stained toilet, a tub faucet that hardly works, a tub drain that can't be opened, the clothes line thing in the shower was installed wrong so when you hang up wet workout clothes to dry the thing is pulled out and they fall into the water sitting in the tub from your shower since it won't drain! Fun huh? Oh and did I mention it is a smoking room? Yeah, this place is crap. At least I got to the gym before anyone else today and I got in 33 minutes on the elliptical.

Yesterday I called the HR lady and she called me back and said it is down to me and one other person. So I am debating if I should call the hiring manager or not. I don't want to bug her, but I want her to know hwo interested I am in this. I want this job so much! GRR!!

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