Ahh, Friday

That is always nice. But boy was it windy this morning! I almost didn't go for my run, then I thought, why not try it. It actually went okay. Not fast, but I made it, and ran the whole thing, even with a tough headwind at points. That was very tiring! But at least I got out there and did it.

Last night I just relaxed pretty much, well after lifting at work. I did eat two dinners though because I was really hungry. But actually that is okay because I was still under for my calories for the day. I am well under for the week at this point. I am trying to prepare for the holidays, make a little space for the turkey, stuffing, cookies, fudge.

Once again I am headed up to NY today. Hopefully I will get a break from being the traveling one soon. Mike should be off nights after tonight. Which is good because he and I have a lot to talk about this weekend. Even though I don't know the answer yet for CA we can still think about what we would do either way. It's a tough situation. SO tonight he will be working again, and I will once again be sitting in his apartment alone, and I brought The O.C. Season 1 again. I am already up to disk four. Though I think there are a lot more disks to go. That is okay, I should be able to watch at least 4 episodes tonight. While I am bored and alone! The bigger question is, what will I do about dinner? I was thinking of picking up some soup or something.

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