As I expected

Whether it started that way or not the CA thing has ended up the way I first expected. I finally got a little more information today. The hiring manager called me again, to apologize that she wouldn't have an answer for me by Friday (tomorrow). And then there was an awkward silence. The kind that implies that they think they should tell you something but they don't know how to put it kindly. So I just waited and she said they had offered it to the other person "just because she has more experience." And they are waiting to hear back from her. If she says no they will offer it to me she said. If she says yes, there is another job that might open up second quarter next year (see this is why they were asking about my time frame!) that they might suggest me for. But I would still have to go through the interview process all over again. Anyway so she hopes now to call me Monday with a final answer. I don't even know what I want anymore. Do I want this job? Do I want to move that far? Do I want to keep looking? How much longer can I do this. Boy it is not going to be easy to not go buy a giant box of cookies tonight and eat them all to wash away my pain in a wave of sugar and sprinkles. I think this calls for a double fish weekend! Sushi at Tomo (yellowtail sashami!) and grape swedish fish, not to be mixed please!

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