Election Day

It is finally election day. I will be so happy when this is over. I get so sick of hearing people argue about it and seeing the commericals for it, and walking around people on the street corners holding up signs.

Well it looks like I am going to finish all my work today. And since the new guy got hired in my group, and no one else is here I won't really have any work to do tomorrow. I was thinking about just taking the day off. Going for a long run, doing my laundry, watching TV. Not that any of that will keep my mind off of CA. But I am hoping it might cheer me up a little. I could really use that! And maybe relax me a little. I could maybe even squeeze in some online Christmas shopping! That would be nice! HEY I could take my computer to the laundromat and watch a DVD, that would be a nice way to pass the time there! I think I like this idea! Besides it is nice of me for my company to take the time off instead of just being non-billable.

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