Guess what?

Yesterday I didn't have to come into the city for work so I got to leave my apartment a little later so I could go for a longer run. I went really slow but I ran 3.15 miles! WITHOUT WALKING!! I am very proud of myself.

And that after the night before completely shopping my ass off! I was so tired when I finally got home Tuesday night that I just wanted to collapse. I went to the library, the mall (Victoria's Secret, Strawbridge's, Sweet Factory), Target, Old Navy, Circuit City, and Wal-Mart. See why I was tired, all that in less than 2.5 hours!! But I am nearly done. I just want to buy one more thing for Mike, have my roommate pick up something for Mike's family at B&N using her discount, and then wait for my last three online orders to be delivered! Two of which have shipped already, one of them a couple of days ago so it should be here soon! YEAH!! And that stuff is all I have left to wrap! I feel so much more relaxed now.

Oh and last night I finally got my router working again. I haven't re-setup the wireless stuff yet, but the router works! And I updated my Tivo programming info! That makes me feel much better!

Mike's company holiday party is this weekend and I am excited. I am even getting my hair done on Saturday. Which being the dork that I am, I plan to make Mike take a picture of, JUST MY HAIR!! Silly girl!

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