Why me?

The smelly people ALWAYS sit next to me on the train. As if my nose wasn't tortured enough by the allergies and the cold weather. This morning it was a guy who smelled STRONGLY of moth balls. That hurt my tender bleeding nasal passages!

Last night I wrapped up almost all the Christmas gifts I have bought. And I placed what I hope will be my last online order this morning. The other three have all shipped as of this morning so hopefully I will have all that stuff soon and I can be DONE. Tonight I finish up most of the shopping, at least for Mom and Val, maybe for Mike too but I am not sure yet. I don't mind if I have like one or two more things to buy him over the next two weeks. That really isn't that bad.
It was raining and cold again this morning. So I did yoga. Good for my tight hamstrings, not so good for my stuffed up sinuses at 5 am!

This is what happens when I post two days in a row. Mindless babble! Like I can't shape a coherent thought two days in a row.

Do you ever find yourself just not into the Holidays? I normally adore Christmas. I like wrapping gifts, putting up decorations, shopping on my lunch break (at least at first), figuring out what to get people, baking cookies, going home to see my parents. But this year it just all seems like a lot of work. And maybe that is lack of sleep but really I think it comes back to the fact that I am just basically unhappy. Unhappy with my job, unhappy with my living situation. And those things color every other aspect of my life. Sad isn't it? Yet I continue to spend my evenings shopping and wrapping gifts instead of fixing my router and applying for jobs. I hope after I finish up my shopping I will be able to straighten out my priorities.

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