A moment

Finally a moment of time. Of course I am putting off lunchtime shoe shopping for this so the 4 people who read this thing better apperciate it!!

How my hair looked

The banquet hall where dinner was served.

Me and Mike at dinner.

There isn't much to tell about the party itself. The hotel was nice, though a little modern for my tastes. The food was okay, though the filet was a little fatty. My first drink, the glass was REALLY DIRTY! Which was gross. I left my new ring in the bathroom in the lobby when I was washing my hands while drunk, and no one returned it to lost and found. I met a lot of people from Mike's work, bosses and the like. Most were really nice. Though the one seemed a little skeevy. But I think everyone thinks that about him. That was about it. Oh and I felt pretty, oh so pretty.

Work is still a bit of a killer right now. But having a busy day makes it go by much faster which is a pretty nice thing. As was having a fully billable timesheet this pay period! That takes the weight off. And I will be busy into the New Year at least somewhat. And there is still talk about my going out to CA to work on some stuff. Which would be GREAT!!

Though my Christmas shopping is done for other people, at least officially, I am going to go shopping now. Maybe for boots for me or add on gifts for other people. I just want to get out of the office, I have been here since 7 am!

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