Longwood Gardens

Mike came to see me this weekend and I dragged him to Longwood Gardens.

Mike outside.

The fountain show.

The staircase inside the house.

Pointsetta tree.

A lit up tree outside.

Flower lights.

Me and Mike outside.

The conservatory.

The conservatory.

The conservatory.

The conservatory.

Me in front of the big tree in the conservatory.

The kissing ball.

Lights shaped like grapes.

Nectarine tree.

The roses.

Lights on the bushes.

Lights made to look like flowering bushes."

Several lit up trees outside.

He got his bonus on Friday, and well it was really good. Which is great, but not great for us moving to CA. So I was a little upset Friday night, actually most of the day Friday.

That and work have really gotten to me. I need some real time off. Though the holidays aren't really going to provide that. Holidays are never relaxing. Hopefully I can finally get a bit caught up on work today and will have more time to write about stuff tomorrow.

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