I disappeared

Okay so I disappeared for a little bit. I did feel guilty! I really wanted to have the few pictures I took this weekend at the party ready to put up when I got around to updating but alas, they are not ready, even though there are only 3 of them! But this is not just me being lazy. Really though you might not believe me I have been working, a lot. In fact I am working right now, at home on a Tuesday night at 10:10 pm, okay not RIGHT now, but I have been for the past hour or so, and I will be for another 20 or more minutes. Sad huh? But this project needs to get done, and if I can just catch up a little bit it will help a lot I think. So I plan to be doing this every night this week for at least an hour or two, working that is. Though tomorrow night I have to make time to go to Sam's Club because I am out of chicken and cereal, two things I can't live without.
When I do get those pictures done I will have more time to tell you about the party. Let's just say for now we should have taken the earlier train because I got damn bored at the end. Other than that, okay.

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