I miss the old days

Sigh, I miss the days when I had the time to update everyday. Yes I like the new work I am doing better, and I am certainly learning more, but I am also making a lot more mistakes and working extra time to fix them. And as much as I like learning new things, I don't like making mistakes and feeling stupid. But my PM is being really nice about it.

Finally I got out for a run this morning. First time since I think last Tuesday. It was bitterly cold for a while so I was doing yoga instead. Or some days I skipped it all together at least in the am to go into work early. Boy was I slow this morning. And I saw this weird freaky slow walking dog lady out this morning. I have seen her sometimes when I am walking home from work but not at 4:55 am! I saw my neighbor across the street leave for his run just as I was getting back. He goes with his two dogs, a normal sized one and a small one, and he never has them on a leash. That is the part that bothers me. I have also seen both of those dogs alone in the street which also makes me nervous. I should look up the leash laws in my borough. The last interesting thing I saw this morning was one of the houses on my run route all lite up with holiday lights, at 5 AM. First issue, what are the lights doing on so late/early. The only night I think you should leave them on all night is Christmas Eve. Other than that it should be off at 10 pm. The second issue, they had SIX of those inflatable things in their front yard (along with a lighted arch that flashed, a nativity scene, lights on bushes, icicle lights on the house . . . ). The inflatables included 1) a pair of snowmen, 2) another snowman 3) polar bears, 4) a Christmas Tree, 5) a Santa 6) a dog that I think was scooby-doo. A little much maybe?

Finally the days will start to get longer again. Not that I will really notice for a while, but I am really glad that they will. I can't wait to start seeing the sunrise during my runs again.

Tomorrow is the long drive up to NY to pick up Mike. Then I think we are waiting until Friday to drive home. Which is good because I think doing all that driving in one day is too much for me. Tonight I get to pack and load up my car some. I can't decide if I want to try to cram the Christmas gifts in tonight or tomorrow morning. I don't thing the neighborhood is that bad yet that if I put them in the trunk tonight I have to worry about them. But I always do worry. I think I get that from my mom.

You want to hear the saddest thing about my day? (Well so far anyway, and it is early.) I am writing this update on the train to save time. Oh and before I forget the Longwood Gardens photos are up.

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