Sick of shopping?

It's appalling that I am already totally sick of Christmas shopping. I am tired of using my lunch break everyday to shop online. I am tired of poking around the city trying to think of things to get for people. I am tired of having piles of gifts on the floor of my room waiting to be wrapped! And I haven't even started to shop for Michael yet!

Maybe I would feel better if I had been truly able to cross some people off of my list. And I have finished up two people. But that leaves 5 more plus the cats! Oh I suppose I have finished the dog! So 3 done 5 to go! How is it I can get up and run everyday but I can't handle my Christmas shopping? I think I need to take a baking break but that doesn't really work at the current apartment. Baking isn't really an option though I gave in and bought some cool looking Nestle Morsels yesterday at Acme.

Ever since the power went out last week my router at home has been giving me fits. I am so fed up with it! It really was driving me crazy last night. I just don't have time to sit around trying to fix it for hours at a time every night. I have shopping and wrapping to do OBVIOUSLY!!!

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