Just got back from dropping my iPod Mini in the mail to get serviced. I am really depressed about it actually. I can't believe I really miss it already and I was practically hugging and kissing the box before I dropped it in the DHL drop box.

Last night I bought some black heavy fabric (12 sq yards) to make Mike's curtains. It only cost $25. As for ways he can pay me back . . .

There was this article on msn that I found today. One of those little links next to your inbox when you are checking your hotmail account. Anyway. Some of them I thought were really sweet! (I am not big on the public ones AT ALL as a note!) The ones I liked were:

  • Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling perfect moments in your relationship along the way. You wait at the last stop, ring in hand.
  • Food is a tempting addition to any successful proposal! Spell out, "Will you marry me?" in M&Ms, jellybeans, or Hershey's Kisses on the kitchen table, bed, or coffee table. Send him or her in to read it; when they say yes, you can toast your future with a mutual sugar rush!
  • Go for a sunset sail and propose at sea.
  • Go to the beach with your honey of honeys. Casually build a sandcastle (at a safe distance from the ocean!), and place the ring on the highest turret. Invite him or her to admire your handiwork, then pop the question.
  • If it's cold and snowy, build a snowman -- or snowwoman -- and set the ring box in his or her stick arms.
  • Buy a baby animal that he or she has always wanted (bunny, kitten, puppy) and loosely tie the ring around its neck. Make a commitment to the pet and each other. Or, substitute a stuffed animal -- still fuzzy, but less maintenance! Kitten please!

I'm not at all pushy am I?

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