Thursday already?

I can't believe it. And the day is half over. Once I got past Monday the rest of the week has been pretty good. I finally got my drawings out today. Now I just have to get the process description out and things will be good for today. Then I just have to wrap up the Fluid Flow models tomorrow and I will be pretty much done with this project. I know none of that made any sense to you did it?

Aside from work I haven't been doing much other than working out and surfing the web at night while sitting on the couch now that the wireless issue is settled. Looks like I am making my weekend pretty busy with stuff already. Laundry, shopping (Target, mall, Sam's Club), making curtains for Mike, cleaning the apartment. All very thrilling. I am going to try to squeeze in some more yoga and maybe rent a movie or two to watch if it does snow on Saturday.

Speaking of snow we got maybe an inch to an inch and a half yesterday. As far as I know that was the first real snow we have gotten. It was weird to run on the treadmill at work last night in shorts and a sports bra and see the snow falling outside. I kind of hope I can talk myself into going running on Saturday while it is snowing if it does and it isn't too cold. I can't believe I think that sounds like fun! I still can't believe I think running is fun. OH, last night running on the treadmill at work, I ran 3.5 miles without walking! That is the longest I have EVER GONE!! I am very proud of myself for that.

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