Why so sad??

Why am I so sad without my iPod? It was too cold and too icy to run this morning and I refuse to stay after work and use the treadmill without my iPod. I hope I get it back soon. You can check the status of your service online and as far as I can tell they haven't even registered its arrival yet. Very sad. But my iSkin will be delivered today. So I will have better protection for it when I get my iPod back!

Life is pretty normal otherwise. I had an okay weekend of cleaning the apartment and shoveling snow. Oh and watching a lot of movies. But I missed Mike and I am really excited about seeing him this weekend. It's funny because my roommate asked me if I was enjoying my little "vacation" and I don't really see it like that. Sure not seeing Mike is a break from TRAVELING but it's not vacation like, it is really just another form of tortue. I give up the pain of having to ride on the train for the pain of not seeing him. It's really not a fair choice! I dulled the pain with a little shopping trip to Sephora yesterday. And I spent less than $20! Pretty good I think!

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