Happy Happy

Happy, happy, happy, happy **does little happy dance** I got an email last night saying that "Your service request has been completed and your product is on its way. Please allow two business days for delivery." My likely replacement iPod Mini is on it's way! I hope it gets here tomorrow! Maybe in the afternoon if I work from home! Or maybe Mike and I can go pick it up this weekend! And I got to go for a run this morning! Finally the roads looked clean enough that I didn't think I would slip and fall and kill myself. I had almost forgotten how much I love that endorphine rush post a great run!

Only bad news is that I have a huge, intense craving for Cadbury Mini Eggs and I can't find them anywhere! So I have been substituing with Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are yummy as well but 170 calories each and you can't eat part of one. But at least they have the Cadbury Chocolate. Easter candy is my biggest weakness.

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