Busy again

Yeah, work is keeping me really busy these days. Hopefully that will be better soon.

My iPod was finally dropped off on Friday and I am really glad to have it back. Mike was down for a visit this past weekend. We didn't do a lot, dinner at Maggiano's, shopping, went to the movies to see The Aviator (which I really enjoyed), planned our vacation, that was about it. The trip is totally settled, we are going to San Francisco from Feb 18th - 22nd. A combination vacation and "do we like it enough to live here" trip. Hopefully the answer to the second will be yes! I am dying to get away from the snow and freezing cold. And honestly I am dying to live with Michael. It would make me REALLY HAPPY!!

There isn't really anything exciting to talk about. I am trying to eat even more fruit this week. And add in some veggies. Other than that the eating well is pretty much holding steady. At least it has been a little warmer out this week so far. I got out for a run yesterday and a run/walk today. Tonight I am using the gym here at work. Working on my muscles!

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