Dead Tired

Already I am dead tired. It is my own fault, I stayed up late working last night to get some drawings checked. I could have done it earlier and gotten to bed at a more reasonable time but that would have meant not surfing the web while watching TV.

There were however a couple of good things about yesterday. Somehow I avoided PMS meltdown, which could be because none of the people who generally stress me out were in the office yesterday. It could also be due to my current type of pills, maybe meltdown day has been moved to Tuesday, which wouldn't be good news because I already feel meltdown like. Cramps, intense hunger, constant thoughts of chocolate. None of which are good. Some of which are very, very bad.

The other good thing, I got a phone call last night at about 7:14pm (he, he) last night from the HR lady I was talking to back in October, and they were checking to see if I was still looking, still interested blah blah. Which is great because I am. So I told her about the vacation and she is going to see if she can set something up for me with the hiring manager for this other position for me while we are out there. And the best part, she was telling me what great things people out there have been saying about me! How they really need to get me out there and how impressed they were with me! It's always nice to hear stuff like that!

Okay definately moved to Tuesday, now I am craving chocolate and peanut butter, I can't stop thinking about it. I just want a 1.5 lb bag of Cadbury Mini eggs, and a big jar of jif with a spoon! CRAP!!!

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