I feel like crap

Um, I feel like crap today. I really hope I am not getting sick. I think I am going to skip lifting tonight so I can go home and get to bed early. I wish I could call in sick to work tomorrow. Sadly that is not an option with all the work I have to do and since I am taking the train up to NY tomorrow.

Yesterday I went shopping at lunch and I bought a really cute new purse for 60% off. It is still my first triple digit purse, even after the discount! Now I need to focus on shopping for something for Mike for Valentine's day. I order two things for myself today, one I can't show yet because I also ordered one for my mom and one for Becky but this is the other. Cute huh? I still want to think of a little something for Val and Dad. Not jewelry for them though!

Can I go home yet? I am so tired! Maybe I shouldn't stay up until 9 watching The O.C. tonight, maybe I should just let Tivo take care of it and get to bed?

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