4 Months to my B-day!

I can't believe that it is only 4 months to my birthday today! Time to start saving your money for my gifts people! I have plenty of suggestions if you need them.

Maybe a SUPER early birthday gift can be the excuse for my new shoes I bought at lunch yesterday. Not that I ever need an excuse for new shoes, because I don't. Besides, they match the purse!

We had both better hear something today. I am going to call and follow up with mine later. Mike's said they would let him know by the end of this week. That would be today. It could be a big day, or a horrible day. Either way we are ending it in NY with seafood enchiladas and frozen drinks at Arriba-Arriba, and then a night in the funky apartment. Michael says there is a weird funk growing in the shower, and they couldn't get ahold of the cleaning woman to get her to clean this week. I am scared! Hold me!

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