You must just be dying to hear the news . . .

Oh wait still don't HAVE ANY NEWS!! I called on Friday to get an update and all they had to tell me was that they are STILL waiting to have the position approved. And that once it is approved they have to post it internally for 5 days before they can take it down and make me an offer. Though she said not to worry about that too much, just a formality. So at this rate I won't hear details until early next week. I suppose that is good in a sense, gives me time to read the books I bought about salary negotiation and to do some research on that front. I don't want to get taken advantage of with regards to money. I like my money. I have lots of things to spend it on! Like saving for a house!

The cleaning lady did come so this weekend wasn't too scary. It even smelled clean when we first got there (it was only like 2 hours after she had left), but by the time we got back from dinner it started to smell a little funky again. Good thing I know Mike isn't the one who smells!

Ever have those days where you just want to bang your head into a wall. I am feeling that today. All this waiting, all the stress at work with this project. I just want to go home and veg in front of the TV. Oh but my router is screwed up so I am going to have to spend like an hour fixing that. GGRRRR!!

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