Holding Pattern

Still in a holding pattern. And I despise it. I am going to try and self-medicate with new shoes (big sale at Lord & Taylor today) and easter chocolate. That should be fun! Oh and distract myself with my new Sims 2 Expansion Pack. I am going to college again! Hee hee. Maybe I will have more fun, less studying this time! Or my sim will.

At least I am spending the weekend in NY, I will be distracted by the mess in Mike's apartment. Doesn't sound like they are going to be able to get the cleaning lady in this week. That really sucks for me. If I do end up in CA before the end of April I won't have to go up there much more. Next weekend Mom comes down, weekend after that Mike should come down. Then there are two weekends, maybe one up there, one off then it would be the middle of the month. Maybe I will be MOVING THEN!!!

I am boring today! I am so distracted by this whole situation I can't even think about anything else. It is taking all my focus to get some work done today. And I am making some good progress on that. Not as much as I would like to be making but good.

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