I am just so frustrated right now. I want DESPERATELY to get out of almost all facets of my current situation other than Mike's presence in my life. And it seems like right now the only way I can fix those things is to get rid of the one good thing. I don't want to keep working for ALB, it is not the right place for me right now for various reasons I won't go into. Don't want to get dooced. But there is this other great option, it just happens to be in a fairly rural place. Which Mike is REALLY not happy with. He wants " . . . 20 something nightlife and hot women!" The only way we can have that, and me take this job is if I commute 1 hour or more EACH WAY EVERYDAY TO WORK!! I know I won't be happy with that.

Why can't there be some middle ground? Why do I have to give up the first real opportunity I have found in 18 months because it isn't in a fun enough location? Why can't we live with a little less fun, but more job satisfaction? I think I am just hurt and upset. My goal in moving out there was to live in the same place as him and find a job I could enjoy, nightlife never even came into the equation. His priorities are just different. And right now I am feeling like his living in a fun place comes before me being happy with my job and commute, and before finally getting to be with me. God I hate this!

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