Bad week!!

Last week turned out to be a really bad week. I called my parents on Tuesday morning to ask how much snow they had gotten, and my dad told me that his youngest brother had just past away. I was just so shocked, he was only 52. The work California trip got cut short, I took the red-eye home Wednesday night, got in at 6 am on Thursday, went home, unpacked, repacked and drove up to my parents house. I spent the rest of the week and weekend doing family stuff. It was really draining. It was so hard to see my Dad and Mom and grandparents all so upset. I am still upset about it as well.

Michael is going to turn down the offer from Lowney today and call Treadwell & Rollo and see where they stand on things. That depresses me as well because I was really starting to think that maybe we would actually move, maybe I could get away from all these things that make me so unhappy. But no, I have to stay here and be miserable. I just don't know how much longer I can handle this. I am so unhappy. I hate Mondays.

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