I want out of here

Everytime something really stressful has happened today I keep telling myself "16 days until you put in your two weeks notice." It is about the only thing keeping me sane right now. I am still aiming to be done the middle of April even if I don't have to start out there until later in April or the 1st of May. Maybe I will be unemployed for two weeks! That would be weird. I will need to get a lot of stuff done, so I think a little time off would be really great! Besides I have enough vacation saved up that there would still be money to cover those two weeks.

My emotional reactions to things are so screwed up. When Mike and I talk about getting married and stuff, I am just okay whatever about it, no real emotional reaction. Last night he and I were talking on the phone about his parent's concerns about him taking a job in California and when he said that he told them it wasn't just about his career, it was also about us, and if we go out there we will get married in a few years, I actually shed a tear!! What is wrong with me? Shouldn't I feel that way all the time about it?

One of the guys at work stopped by to chat with me yesterday and mentioned that he and his wife were watching Season One of The O.C. on DVD and in the episode where Summer is explaining to Seth why they shouldn't go public with their relationship, he said that reminded him of me. I am going to have to go home and pull out that DVD tonight or tomorrow and see what he was talking about! And see if I am offended or not! He also forwarded this article to me. If you scroll down the page you find a section about comparing The O.C. with 90210. I thought it was really funny. I need things that make me laugh at work. Not much does these days!

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