Is it time for bed yet?

I am so tired this morning, I am not sure how I am going to make it through the day. There was a lot to get done at work yesterday so I didn't leave until 8:05 pm last night. Which meant I didn't get home until after 9, more like 9:20. I hope I can make it through today and that I don't have to stay quite as late. I did get a lot of good work done but still.

My shopping gene must be really strong because I am ready to go shopping already for clothes for a job I don't even have yet. In a place I don't even live, how is it that I already think I know what I need. But Mom and I are going shopping this weekend. Pfaltzgraff tent sale weekend. We are going to look for dishes for Mike's sister that I can give her as a bridal shower gift. And we will stop by the outlets in Lancaster and hopefully I can get some new shoes! Not that I didn't just buy shoes last week. I did. But I also counted my shoes last week and I only have 33 pairs of shoes. That really isn't bad. I think I need to be closer to 50!

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