All I can say is that I am still waiting. And doing a lot of thinking. About what I want, where I want to be . . . I don't really enjoy serious life contemplation. It's not fun. Contemplating shopping however is fun. I think that to releive my stress from this whole mass of indecision I am going to be decisive and buy a new purse! But of course there is still a choice to be made, which one? This one or this one or this one?? It comes down to Coach or Dooney, and then casual or fancy. Really if CA works out I should be shopping for flat shoes and pants because I think that is what my work wardrobe would be changing to. But I am afraid to do any of that before I actually get the offer.

I forgot to bring my ipod to work with me today! Which makes me really sad, working out will be a lot less fun tonight. But I live to far away to go back and get it. I am just going to have to suffer through. Oh and the damn internet was messed up again last night! I swear I am fixing that every week now! Not nice!

The work trip to California got pushed off again, until the first week of May now. I can't decide if this is good or bad for my unknown situation. I hope shopping at lunch cheers me up!

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