Still waiting

I keep waiting to update hoping each day will be the day I finally have THE NEWS. But here it is Friday and no real news. If I do get news I promise to come back with it. The only news I DO have is that I have managed to spend over $200 at BR this week. Though I did get 5 tops for that so that is pretty good for there!

We did however find out about our raises. Which just reinforced my desire to get out of here. That and the two minute message I found on my voicemail telling me what to do for my first hour of work, in detail since the boss won't be in until 8:30. Who leaves 2 minute messages? Seriously get your thoughts together BEFORE YOU CALL. Not as you are leaving the message. I hate listening, waiting for people to spit out a sentence.

Oh and I am quickly back to being in love with Interpol. I listen to them once and I am hooked again. Sorry Louis XIV, but you did last two weeks!

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