Bye Mom!

Mom is home Mike is coming out on Wednesday and I finally got the wireless connection working. Sounds like the perfect time to work on a webpage update so here I am.

The first two weeks of work are over. As expected it was a lot of training and reading and tours and stuff. The next couple of weeks will be more of the same until I get through some of the key trainings that I need before I can do work. In general I am really happy though, and I think that once things ramp up I am going to really enjoy this job and be able to learn a lot from it. I got some news this week that confirms for me that I made the right decision about leaving my old job. I talked to one of my friends and he said they laid off six people last week. Most of it was continued downsizing from the buyout in 2003. But still the more people they lay off the worse moral is going to get, no matter the reason.

Mom did a wonderful job helping me settle in out here. She cooked me dinner, cleaned the apartment, unpacked things. The apartment is in much better shape but it still needs some work. We really need to work on selling some of the stuff we don't need here, like the rugs and treadmill. Hopefully later this week when I am at work and Mike is sitting around the apartment he can get on craigslist and get some of that stuff gone. Then I will take some pictures of how the apartment looks now. For now I am going to work on getting up some older pictures.

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