Mike is Here!

Part of last week I had to work swing shift at work. I didn't mind it very much. It was actually kind of interesting. But my new job does scare me a little. I am so used to being know as smart and good at my job. Here I am totally unknown. And rightfully my boss isn't sure what I can handle on my own. I am not sure what I can do on my own. I really want to be good at this job. I wish I knew more than I do, I wish I thought I could just jump right in and start making a difference, proving that I am worth their time and energy. What if I can't? What if no matter how hard I work I can't be as good at this job as I want to be?

Mike is here! And we went out and got him a new car! A Mazda 3. It is really cute.

And today we went and bought a grill. We are going to be cheap for a while and eat at home as much as possible. To celebrate the car buying Friday night though we drove it to Berkeley to a sushi resturant for dinner. It was pretty good.

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