Bad Michele

Um . . . I am a bad person! Okay not really but I am not nice to my checking account. I went to the BR outlet at lunch and bought

    A polo shirt for Mike
    A short sleeved button down shirt for Mike
    A pair of very dark gray pants for Mike
    A cute dress for the rehearsal dinner next week
    THREE pairs of work pants for me

That last thing is the big oops. But they had them in my size and in long and in four colors and they fit and I can't wear skirts to work and it is 100+ degrees here everyday . . . so I needed them! And Mike needed the stuff I got him too. We weren't prepared for how we would need to dress for work out here. CA is so different!

There is one other problem. I am really happy living with Mike. I know that doesn't SOUND like a problem. But it worries me. Shouldn't we be fighting more? Shouldn't I miss my freedom? Shouldn't I get mad that he always ends up on my side of the bed? Being really happy makes me nervous, now I really have something to lose. Plus well it is just SICK! No one should look forward to coming home to someone that much, or look forward to waking up with them. He went last night to play his bass with some guys in a band. I thought I would enjoy the night to myself, I just missed him. Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect, we do fight (although it is mostly bickering) but I can't imagine going back to NOT living with him.

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