Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Daddy! I won't mention how old you are!

Finally there is a break in birthdays until October. Then there is a rush again through the holidays. Buying gifts gets so tiring. Okay not buying them. It's thinking of them. For some reason I think I have to come up with the perfect gift for everyone. Something magical that they will love, that they would never buy for themselves. I am really good at putting pressure on myself huh?

We went and signed up for a gym tonight. Bally's Total Fitness. They have a lot of classes, spinning, pilates, yoga etc. I can't wait to take some. I have never gotten to take those kinds of classes. Other than yoga in college. What if I end up working out like 3 times a day now? That might be too much! Even for me. Hopefully we will like the gym though.

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