Our flight back to the east coast is tomorrow night. I have barely started packing and I am still at work. The physical act of packing really doesn't take me long, and it shouldn't I have packed a lot. It is the deciding what clothes to include that takes time. Yes one outfit, the bridesmaid dress, is already decided for me. Which is the one most likely to be preserved in a photo. But the others will almost all be documented, other than my plane outfits and pjs. Which means they also have to be cute, and photogenic, and stylish but not too trendy. Oh yeah and appropriate. It's always easy to find three more outfits that meet all those criteria. Likely they exist in my closet. Have you seen how much of the closet I take up? But I don't know what they are, which means I need hours of trying on time. Leaving piles of clothes on the bed. Which will take hours to clean up. Here I am at work though. I hope I will be doing all of that later. Oh crap I have a load of laundry in the dryer! And I wanted to clean the bathroom!

How long do I wait before I decide that I have waited long enough? I wish it wasn't a 40 minute drive home.

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