A little course

My riding lesson was great last night. Dagi, my instructor, let us do a little course. None of the jumps were really high but it was fun to put some of the stuff together. I rode Pickles last night. I don't want to spend all my time developing a rapport with one horse. What if I do that and then Nifty comes up lame or someone else wants to ride him? I need options. Plus Pickles can jump higher. I wanted to show you the little course so much that I drew up a little diagram. The red bars are the jumps we went over. We did the whole thing first at a trot, but that wasn't working, Pickles wasn't forward enough so then the did the whole thing at a canter. One time with the jumps all set at crossrails and twice with them straight. I was so happy!

Most of my free time this week was spent either thinking about what I want to do about this wedding thing. When, where, how, with what money? And reading the new book I went to pick up on Tuesday when it came out. Yeah!! I wish I had more time to read it. In a way I almost miss riding the train to work. Now I have to pay attention since I am driving. Next week I am going to one of her book signings here in the bay area. I am so excited! Seeing my favorite author on Wednesday, riding lesson again on Thursday! What could be better???

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